Alex Interrante-Grant

Student, Hacker, Developer, and Cybersecurity Professional

Alex Interrante-Grant

I am an undergraduate student at Northeastern University studying computer engineering, a problem solver interested in new and exciting challenges, and a developer looking to leverage technology to make the world easier, safer, and more efficient. Cybersecurity is interesting to me because it's a new and quickly evolving field and there are innumerable very complex problems to be solved every day.

I believe that the best source of education is real world experience - applying the concepts learned in the classroom to real world problems to deliver tangible results. This philosophy has lead me to pursue my passion for computers and cyber security in both my education as well as my free time. From my classes in both hardware and software to the on the job experience I gained through internships and Northeastern's Cooperative Eduacation Program, I have a solid background in electronics and security and I am eager to learn more.

My passion for cybersecurity and constant desire to better myself has led me to become the person I am today. I immensely enjoy learning new things and bettering my skills whenever and however I can. I love new opportunities and hard problems - the best projects are the ones where don't see a path through to the solution at first (and usually second and third) glance.

- Alex Interrante-Grant



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Alex Interrante-Grant